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What our patients have to say about us:

After 10 years of suffering and multiple surgeries, I have my life back and enjoying my family and friends again!
Joyce S., Peripherial Neuropathy Patient

after yesterday’s treatment, My father told mother, he felt strength was coming into his feet! She encouraged him to try and push with his feet and move them in her hand . . . she could feel it! We are all so thrilled ~in 3 wks he has no pain in his feet, and he is moving his toes and his feet a little. GLORY TO GOD! Pam – Lexington, KY
Pam P., father is a neuropathic foot pain patient.

Before coming to Living Well, I had a lot of pain, couldn’t rest at night and was on pain medication. Now I’m pain free, walking better and off my medication -thank you Living Well!
Alberta M., Peripherial Neuropathy Patient

It was the best call I’ve ever made. Today, I’m so much better after the care and treatment I received from Living Well -they are really amazing!
Kathy P., Peripherial Neuropathy Patient

Living Well has literally changed my life options!

Mrs. Smith, Hormone Optimization Therapy patient

I have never felt this energetic, this healthy, this confident in my appearance.

Mr. Smith, Weight Loss patient

When I began treatment, I was barely able to walk because of the pain. Now I feel better, walk every day and have lost weight -I have my health back!
David R., Peripheral Neuropathy Patient